Special and Named Printed Collections


The collection formed by John Mabon Warden, of Edinburgh, Vice-President of the Esperantista Akademio, was presented to the Library in 1927. Warden built up a comprehensive collection of shorthand manuals from the 16th to the 20th century, mainly in English, but with c. 500 works in foreign languages, together with works of literature, sermons, reports of trials, etc. reproduced in shorthand. The collection contains c. 4,600 printed items comprising books, pamphlets and runs of periodicals, and 60 manuscripts. STC (see p. 3) and Wing (see p. 3) items include Timothy Bright?s Characterie, an Arte of Shorte, Swifte and Secrete Writing by Character (1588), Samuel Botley?s Maximum in Minimo (1674), William Hopkins? The Flying Pen-man (1674), and editions of Thomas Shelton?s Tachygraphy and Tutor, Jeremiah Rich?s The Pen?s Dexterity Completed, and William Mason?s Pen Pluck?d from an Eagle?s Wing. A large section of the collection is devoted to the work of Sir Isaac Pitman and his successors, including books reprinted in Pitman?s phonography or modifications of it.

Typescript inventory of the manuscripts.

Shelfmark: Wn.

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