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Formed by Dr Walter Biggar Blaikie (1847-1928) of the Edinburgh printing firm of T. & A. Constable, and presented by his daughters in 1928, this collection is devoted to the Stuart and Jacobite period, 1688-1746. Blaikie was a recognized authority on the history of Jacobitism, and his collection of 1,076 printed items in 756 volumes, 42 manuscripts, three charters and c. 400 engravings relate to the attempts of the House of Stuart to reinstate itself on the throne of Great Britain. There is a good representation of polemical pamphlet literature on the controversy over the birth of James IIıs son in 1689, and the associated political questions of allegiance and legitimacy; historical works on the course of the Risings of 1715 and 1745 are complemented by contemporary poems, satires and sermons, many in French; and there are accounts of the trials, executions and expropriations that followed both Risings with the Government viewpoint recorded in the numerous Session Papers and Acts of Parliament concerned with these matters. There are also 22 portfolios of engravings of the Royal House of Stuart - portraits, views, broadsides, and caricatures - which have been placed by the National Library on long-term deposit in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery. A small number of engravings have been retained in the Libraryıs collection.

Images of all Jacobite prints and broadsides from the Walter Blaikie Collection are available.

Shelf-Catalogue of the Blaikie Collection of Jacobite Pamphlets, Broadsides and Proclamations, Boston, 1964. The manuscripts are described and indexed in Vols. I & II of the Libraryıs Catalogue of Manuscripts. W.G. Blaikie Murdoch, ıA Bequest of Engravings to the National Library of Scotlandı, Apollo, 13 (1931), 167-73. Scottish National Portrait Gallery, W.B. Blaikie Collection, [Edinburgh, 1987].`

Shelfmark: Blk.

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