Special and Named Printed Collections


A collection of liturgies, psalters and hymnals, and works on ceremonial bequeathed by William Cowan (1852-1929), writer on Scottish liturgies and the early maps and views of Edinburgh, which was received by the Library in 1929. It contains 1,117 volumes and four manuscripts, dating from the 16th to the 20th century, and includes many early Scottish printed books. A number of books from his collection not included in the original bequest were subsequently bought for the Library.

The manuscripts are described and indexed in Vol. II of the Library's Catalogue of Manuscripts. W. Cowan, 'A Bibliography of the Book of Common Order and Psalm Book of the Church of Scotland', Publications of the Edinburgh Bibliographical Society, 10 (1913), 53-100.

Shelfmark: Cwn.

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