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Crawford: Miscellaneous Broadsides

There are c. 2,200 items dating from 1505 to 1897. The arrangement is mainly chronological in 22 boxes and each item is numbered. The subject matter is extremely varied and includes official proclamations and ordinances, declarations, speeches and addresses, lampoons and satires, dealing with political and religious controversies, plots and conspiracies, the Jacobite Risings and their aftermath, trade and commerce, and reports on foreign affairs and campaigns abroad. One of the largest groups is concerned with the threatened invasion of England by Napoleon in 1803. The earliest item in the collection is an imperfect copy of an Indulgence printed by Wynkyn de Worde in 1505. The earliest Scottish broadside is Iniunctions Set Down by the L. Provest Bailzies and Counsel of Edinburgh to be Observed by the Stablers (Edinburgh: J. Wreittoun, 1634).

Pre-1801 items are catalogued. 1,814 broadsides are recorded in Bibliotheca Lindesiana: Catalogue of English Broadsides 1505-1897, Privately Printed, 1898. The numbers in the catalogue correspond to the numbers on the documents. A few of the items in the 1898 catalogue are not in the deposit collection, please check in advance for availability.

Shelfmark: Crawford.MB.

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