Special and Named Printed Collections


Over 2,300 volumes from the Rare Book Room of the library of St Andrew?s College, Drygrange, were deposited in 1986 prior to the closure of the College. The collection was built up mainly from the collection of Bishop John Gillis (1802-64), and books from St Margaret?s Convent, Edinburgh, founded in 1835 by Gillis and the first Catholic religious house established in Scotland since the Reformation. Although it consists of mostly 18th- and 19th-century works, there are three incunables, 17 STC (see p. 3) and 66 Wing (see p. 3) items, as well as a considerable number of early continental imprints. The main subject areas are theology and religious controversy, church history and biography, devotional literature, Roman Catholicism in England and Scotland, with a number of early 19th-century tracts dealing with Catholic Emancipation, general history, both British and European, some literature, travel and natural history. There are also some notable individual works and books with association interest.

Shelfmark: Dry.

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