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Crawford: English Tracts

There are c. 11,700 pamphlets ranging in date from 1587 to 1912. The collection is particularly strong in the printed output of the period of the Civil War, Commonwealth and Restoration (1641-1660) with 3,300 items belonging to this period. Other topics covered include the Revolution of 1688/89, the Act of Union, the Jacobite Risings and the Anti-Slavery Movement. Many of the items deal with the religious controversies of the 17th and the 18th century, including the 'Popish controversy', Puritanism, Presbyterianism and the Quakers. The pamphlets are arranged in chronological order in boxes in three separate sequences, except for 131 pre-1641 items which have been bound individually.

The tracts dating from 1701-1800 are catalogued in the Main Catalogue. Post-1900 tracts are not catalogued.

Shelfmark: Crawford.ET.

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