Special and Named Printed Collections

Crawford: Royal Proclamations

A collection of English, Scottish and Irish proclamations, comprising c. 2,450 documents dated between 1603 and 1714, and c. 400 between 1714 and 1910. There are eight items dated before 1603 and 131 facsimiles of documents from this period. The proclamations are arranged chronologically in boxes.

The documents up to and including the reign of Queen Anne are recorded in Bibliotheca Lindesiana Vols. 5-6: A Bibliography of Royal Proclamations of the Tudor and Stuart Sovereigns 1485-1714 by Robert Steele, Oxford, 1910. The catalogue is chronologically arranged, with indexes (Vol. 5 covers England and Wales, Vol. 6 Scotland and Ireland). The documents for the reigns of George I to Edward VII are recorded in Bibliotheca Lindesiana Vol 8: Handlist of Proclamations 1714-1910, Wigan, 1913.

Shelfmark: Crawford.RP.

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