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Crawford: French Revolutionary (and Napoleonic) Tracts

A collection of c. 20,000 pamphlets, journals and books, including polemical and theoretical tracts, official proclamations and decrees, published in Paris and the provinces. The writings of virtually every figure important to the Revolutionary movement are present in the collection. A notable feature is the holdings of revolutionary journals and newspapers of the period, including complete sets of Marat's L'Ami du Peuple and the royalist riposte L'Ami du Roi, and complete runs of the Bulletin of the Tribunal criminel and of its successor the Tribunal revolutionnaire. Also present are Robespierre's personal copies of all issues of his Le Defenseur de la Constitution (1 June-10 August 1792), and Lettres a ses Commettans (August 1792-15 March 1793), as well as a complete set of Desmoulins' Le Vieux Cordelier. The collection also contains a large amount of Napoleonic material and some items relating to the 1871 Paris Commune.

Around 20 per cent of the collection has been catalogued.

Shelfmark: Crawford.FR

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