Special and Named Printed Collections

Crawford: Borghese Collection

This collection of documents printed in the Papal States, mostly between 1550 and 1700, was formed by the Borghese family. It consists of c. 8,000 items, of which c. 6,750 are broadsides and the remainder are pamphlets. The documents include Papal bulls and briefs, as well as edicts by other officials of the Church and the States, and are concerned with the administration of Rome and the Papal States in all aspects of their religious and secular life. The broadsides are mounted and stored in boxes with the pamphlets in two separate sequences. Both are arranged in chronological order under pontificates.

The collection is fully catalogued. A.E. Harvey Wood, 'The Crawford Borghese Collection', La Bibliofila, 95 (1993), 178-80.

Shelfmark: Crawford.B.

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