Special and Named Printed Collections


The remnant of the library acquired by the family of Suttie of Balgone and Grant Suttie of Balgone and Prestongrange, was purchased in 1983. It comprises 284 volumes of which 153 were printed in Britain, chiefly in the 17th and the 18th century, but with a few from the 16th century. There is an edition of Virgil?s Poemata (Edinburgh: Gideon Lithgo, 1662), which is otherwise unrecorded. Classical literature is strongly represented, and there are books on Roman law, history, travel and topography, philosophy, devotional works, French, Italian and Latin grammars and English spelling books, and works on mathematics and husbandry. A number of the Latin grammars and classical texts show evidence of heavy use as school books.

Shelfmark: Sut.

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