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A collection of 17 items, mainly by, or relating to, James Boswell (1740-1795), which were purchased by the Library in 1934 from the library of the Rev. Robert McKinlay of Stonehouse, Lanarkshire. McKinlay was a minister in the Congregational Church at Pitsligo, then at Galston, and finally at Stonehouse from 1922-33; as well as being a scholar of NT Greek (Ph.D. Glasgow University, 1927, "Semitisms in the N.T. in the light of later popular Greek") he was also a member of Glasgow Bibliographical Society with a particular interest in the lesser-known works of James Boswell. The collection includes a volume of cuttings relating to McKinlay's bibliographical research and his correspondence with noted Boswell scholars such as Frederick Pottle.

Shelfmark: F.7.a.23 - F.7.b.12

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