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This is a collection of 84 books and 23 black and white photographs relating to Sri Lanka (previously Ceylon) collected by Alexander Mackie, a Scottish tea-planter in Sri Lanka between 1956 and 1971. The books were published between 1900 and 1975 and were primarily assembled during the years that Mr. Mackie lived in Ceylon. Under an existing agreement, his widow, Mrs. Catherine Mackie, presented the collection to the library in 2000. The materials cover a wide range of subjects: the development and maintenance of tea plantations and also the political, natural, recreational and social history of Sri Lanka. The collection is an especially valuable resource for information on the development of coffee and tea plantations on the island, aspects of the period of colonialism, and the subsequent nationalisation of plantations in the early 1970s.

A complete list of all the materials in the Alexander Mackie Collection (PDF: 7 pages) is also available. The photographs have been transferred to the Manuscripts Division and can be accessed through either the printed or online inventory at Acc.11913.

Shelfmark: Mackie.

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