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Louis-Sébastien Mercier (1740-1814) was a major dramatist of the period of the French Revolution. This collection comprises 82 works by and relating to Mercier, including some important early editions, many of which are attractively bound and in good internal condition. Several items contain handsome engravings of scenes from the plays. Mercier started his literary career as a playwright and writer on the theory of drama, creating a body of work which expressed his characteristic utopian and non-conformist views. The influence of political thinkers, especially during a period of exile in Switzerland, drew him into political matters and to involvement in the Revolution. Despite imprisonment during the Terror, he managed to escape the guillotine and, following the defeat of Robespierre, returned to political activity.

A complete list of the Mercier Collection is available at http://www.nls.uk/collections/rarebooks/news/mercierlist.pdf

Shelfmark: Mercier.

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