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A collection of hardbacks in Selby Wright's own commissioned bindings, paperback monographs, magazines, newspaper supplements and ephemera. The topics included reflect the many activities and interests of Selby Wright during his career as a Church of Scotland minister, a military padre and a leader of boys' clubs in Edinburgh. The 101 volumes of commissioned bindings consist mainly of works of popular theology either written or edited by Selby Wright such as 'Asking why', 'Our club', 'Asking them questions' and a long run of 'The Scottish Forces magazine' which he edited. The remainder of the volumes in the collection contain titles collected by Selby Wright on allied topics such as forms of worship, church publications and Christian outreach. Also present are several pamphlets sharply critical of current anti-Semitism shortly before and during World War II, pamphlets recording action at several theatres of war, with the North African campaign being particularly heavily represented and newspaper supplements many of which are devoted to the funeral of Sir Winston Churchill in 1965. There are also several runs of magazines of some Edinburgh schools besides booklets issued in conjunction with the release of celebrated films of the 1960's and 1970's. Both among the paperbacks and the commissioned bindings are large runs of Scottish regimental magazines. The ephemera includes material as diverse as school concert programmes, Selby Wright's own examination script as a theology student, a Robert Louis Stevenson Club luncheon menu and numerous presscuttings.

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