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On deposit: A collection of largely non-fictional secular works, both monographs and journals, published mainly in the 19th and 20th centuries, the dominant topics covered being Scottish history on a large variety of topics and Scottish culture including Highland history, family genealogies, clan histories, regimental histories, field sports, and Scottish costume. A significant percentage of the material was written by people with the name Mackay or are about the Mackays whether in their cradlelands of north and west Sutherland or elsewhere. Of special interest are two German literary works published in Germany in the early 20th century by a Scots emigr'e John Henry Mackay. There is also present a substantial amount of literary, historical, topographical material relating to the county of Sutherland and also to neighbouring Caithness. The collection also includes a small number of Gaelic literary works where the best represented are the works of the Sutherlandshire poet, Robert Mackay ('Rob Donn'). About a dozen works in the collection were published pre-1800 including two published in the 17th century. The earliest publication, 'Monro his expedition with the worthy Scots Regiment (called MacKeyes Regiment)' by Robert Monro is dated 1637. Particularly noteworthy is a significant collection, formerly in the ownership of a person with the name 'MacKay', of pamphlets and paperbacks in Polish or relating to Poland, much of which was published during or shortly after World War II and concerns in large part its repressive occupation by the Nazis and the Polish fighting effort.

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