Special and Named Printed Collections


A total of 127 volumes of Chinese books printed between 1655 and 1912. Shelfmarks 6.539-6.543 (35 vols.) are accompanied by a manuscript catalogue by the Rev. John Steele, dated Dec. 1910. These include 4 items "presented to the Advocates' Library by the Rev. John Ross, D.D., 12 Marchhall Crescent, Edinburgh, thirty-nine years Missionary in Manchuria." These books have a label pasted into them reading "Advocates' Library Chinese Books No. " There follows a handwritten number 1-34. The second set is placed at shelfmarks 5.1549-5.1552, 6.549-6.551 and 6.553-6.554 (92 vols.) These do not have any labels but have slips inserted with a brief description. Judging from some binding evidence and Advocates Library ex libris, it seems that these books arrived at various points in the Library's history and were eventually placed together due to their content. The Report by the Keeper of the Advocates Library, dated 8 Feb. 1911, includes the following: "The Chinese books in the Library have been examined and catalogued by the Rev. John Steele of Swatow, China, and have now been arranged and placed together in one of the presses in Room Z." (F.R.126a) Many of the works seem to be missionary-related and it could be supposed that they were given to the Advocates by returning missionaries.

Awaiting cataloguing.

Shelfmark: [contained within pamphlet series 5 and 6]

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