Special and Named Printed Collections


Printed material formerly forming part of the Castle Menzies estate legal and family documents. The greater part of the collection (of 30 items) consists of public documents, both local and national, in the form of bills, petitions, acts, reports. A substantial portion relate to the construction and maintenance of roads in Perthshire and also in the north of Scotland during the early 19th century including a representation by a committee in Invernesshire for improved mail connections between Perth and Inverness. Other public documents relate to the act for the first national population census in 1801. There are other documents relating to various concerns of local administration such as police, local defence amenities and more general matters like the application of entail and the regulation of asylums. Also present are publications from bodies of inhabitants hostile to pressure for parliamentary reform. Material of quite a different and ephemeral nature in the collection includes booklets with short histories of the Menzies clan and advertising publicity for several late 19th century concerts at Scottish locations.

Related manuscript material is held by the Manuscripts Collections.

Shelfmark: C.Menzies

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