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A collection of 24 items, largely composed of 20th century journals, mainly Scottish, carrying contributions concerned with or referring to Lewis Grassic Gibbonıs works both literary and anthropological, of which the best known was the literary work, 'Sunset song', and also referring more generally to his life and origins. There is also an article by Jessie Kocmanová entirely devoted to Gibbon and his works in a Czech academic journal. The anthropologically based novel, 'Mala the magnificent', carries an introduction by Gibbon who is also the author of an article on the religion of ancient Mexico in the journal, 'Religion'. Ephemera in the collection includes a BBC documentary with a description of the village of his upbringing, Arbuthnott in Kincardineshire, blank postcards featuring figures from the ancient and prehistoric world, theatre programmes with dramatisations of 'Sunset song' and a publisher's flier for his historical novel, 'Spartacus'.

Related manuscript material is held in the Manuscripts Collections.

Shelfmark: HP5.203.0161

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