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This is a collection of books by the Scottish science fiction author 'J.T. McIntosh', James Murdoch MacGregor (1925-2008). It consists of English and foreign language editions of his works, anthologies and SF periodicals and was purchased by the Library along with his literary papers and correspondence in 2010. Born in Paisley, MacGregor spent most of his life in Aberdeen. However, he was, and continues to be, better known abroad, especially in the USA, than in his native Scotland. He wrote under a series of names such as: James Vine Kerr, Gregory Francis, H. J. Murdoch and Hamish Murray, but he is best known under the pseudonym of 'J. T. McIntosh', a nom de plume increasingly used from September 1951 onwards. He worked as a journalist for the Aberdeen Bon Accord Magazine and latterly worked as a sub-editor with the Press & Journal newspaper. From 1952 onwards he started writing, full-time, science fiction stories which were published in magazines, both in Britain and in the USA, and supplemented this story writing by continuing to do some freelance journalism and photography. Over a hundred short stories and novelettes were published in America alone, and some were translated into French, Italian, Spanish, German, Swedish, Polish and Japanese. He also published a number of book-length novels, which also appeared in foreign language editions. MacGregor used the 'McIntosh' pseudonym for most of his science-fiction work, which formed the bulk of his output. His first story, 'The Curfew Tolls', appeared in Astounding Science Fiction in 1950, and his first novel, 'World Out of Mind', was published in 1953. MacGregor also published books under his own name. These included novels and detective fiction, as well as non-fiction books. He also wrote film, radio and television scripts.

[Not kept together as a special collection, the books have added to the Library's general collections] Manuscripts are listed under Acc.13126

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