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This is a selection of 77 items from the collection of books on the Indian Mutiny and the Afghan Wars formed by the late J.R. "Hamish" Seaton OBE (1918-2012). Hamish Seaton worked in the National Library of Scotland from 1947 to 1983, becoming principal keeper of printed books. He built up a large private collection of books relating to the Indian mutiny of 1857 and also Britain's military involvement in Afghanistan in the 19th-century. The books were bequeathed to NLS and a selection of books, ranging from 19th-century items to modern histories, as well as 8 maps, was made in 2013. The collection includes a number of privately-printed accounts of life in the Raj as well as some Indian imprints.

Awaiting cataloguing

Shelfmark: Seaton.

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