Special and Named Printed Collections


The advocate Robert Park's books were acquired by the Advocates Library in 1695 following Park's murder in Glasgow in October 1694. 45 titles are listed in the Faculty Minutes of 23 November 1695. 17 of these were retained by the Advocates Library and 24 are held by the National Library of Scotland. 7 of the 45 have not been traced.

The collection consists chiefly of law books but history and religion are also represented. The books are a mix of English and Continental printing with 26 titles in Latin and 5 in French. The books have never been kept together as a collection but can be retrieved from the catalogue by performing an author search for Park, Robert. This will also retrieve a book once owned by Park and now part of Newhailes Library (Nha.L206).

Shelfmark: Not kept together as a collection

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