Special and Named Printed Collections


This deposited collection from the library of the Episcopal Church of Scotland Theological Collection, Edinburgh consists of nearly 2,800 pamphlets and tracts collected in 190 volumes. There are also some periodicals, offprints, typescript and manuscript material and two Bibles printed on the continent in the early 17th century. The collections are named after Adam Urquhart and Patrick Torry. Urquhart, (1793-1860), son of William Urquhart the second laird of Craigston in Aberdeenshire, was an Advocate and Sheriff of Wigtownshire. He edited a small number of works on 17th century Scottish history. Bishop Patrick Torry (1763-1852) who was brought up in the Church of Scotland, was appointed Bishop of Dunkeld and Dunblane in 1808 and of St. Andrews in 1838. He was a close friend of Lord Forbes, who owned many of the volumes in the Urquhart Collection. Both collections are a rich source of material on 19th century religious controversies in Scotland such as the Oxford Movement, the Disruption of 1843 and the publication of Scottish Prayer Book of 1849. This was a period of considerable growth for the Scottish Episcopal Church following enforcement of the penal statutes during the previous century. There is also discussion of wider issues such as cremation, slavery, construction of new churches and the role of the laity. The Torry collection which consists of 14 volumes compiled by Bishop Torry and his son, John Torry, Dean of St. Andrews, is particularly strong in Scottish provincial imprints and also includes material printed in South Africa and the United States. Although the bulk of the collection dates from the mid-19th century onwards, there is also a wide range of pamphlet material published between the mid-17th and mid-20th centuries.

The collection is unshelfmarked and a list of the volumes (though not of all the items in the volumes) is available on request.

Shelfmark: [to be assigned]

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