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The main focus of the collection is on the history, operation and organisation of the Red Army and, to a lesser degree, on the Soviet armed forces in general. There is coverage, too, of such associated topics as the politics and government of the Soviet Union, the Second World War, the Cold War and international relations. Military technology (including such subjects as ballistics, missiles and radar) is another field covered. There is also some material on the armed forces of other communist states. Russian and English are the languages of the greater part of the materials in the collection but there are items in several other European languages as well. The collection came to the Library in two parts. The first was the library from Professor Erickson?s former Department of Defense Studies at Edinburgh University. The greater part of this collection of more than 3,000 volumes (chiefly monographs) has now been catalogued and may be accessed via the Library?s online catalogue. The second part comprises materials from Professor Erickson?s personal collection which came to the Library following his untimely death. This collection of some 4,000 items contains monographs, serials, research reports, microforms, tapes and some manuscript materials. It is, as yet, uncatalogued and unsorted though it is hoped to make a start on it in the near future.

Cataloguing in progress.

Shelfmark: Erick.

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