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A collection of over 800 books, pamphlets and periodical issues, which deal mainly with North America and reflect the personal interest of Tom Henderson - broadcaster, writer and General Secretary of the Educational Institute of Scotland - in American history and in the American Civil War in particular. After his death in 1941, his collection of American books was presented to the Educational Institute by his widow. In 1976 the National Library acquired by donation the libraries of the Educational Institute for Scotland, including the Henderson Memorial Library of Books on America. The books are mostly first editions which date almost exclusively from the late 19th and the early 20th century.

Catalogue of the Henderson Memorial Library of Books on America, Edinburgh: Educational Institute of Edinburgh, 1947. K. Halliwell, ?The Henderson Memorial Library at the National Library of Scotland?, American Studies Library Newsletter, 41 (1996), 3-4.

Shelfmark: Hend.

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