Special and Named Printed Collections

Prints in the Walter Blaikie Collection on deposit in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery

Description:Of engraving depicting Britannia sitting between Prince Charles and Cumberland weighing Mercy and Butchery Prince Charlie, Britania, and Duke Cumberland surrounded by Scottish thistles, lambs and dogs. In front of Prince Charlie, lamb standing on dog; behind Prince a tent with Highland soldiers marching with bagpipes, and a Classical looking temple, in front of Duke, dog biting lamb; behind duke bodies hanging on ropes in a shelter, and decapitated head and arm on pillar in flames. Text below: "Look here upon this Picture, and on this The Counterfeit Presentation of two P-------s" followed by 4 short columns of verse
Subject:William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland, 1721-1765
References:Ph. Tom Scott. Oct 1965 B9956
Notes:not listed in Portrait Gallery's typed list, hand written "1,16" only

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