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Prints in the Walter Blaikie Collection on deposit in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery

Title:The Honourable Thomas Smith Esq. Rear Admiral of the Red
Description:Thomas SMITH, Rear Admiral of the Red, C inC ship in Scotland Portrait of Thomas Smith, holding a nautical intrument, with ships/water in background. Text: "The Honorable Thomas Smith Esq. Rear Admiral of the Red. Commander in Chief of his Majesty's Ships on the Coast of Scotland, Anno 1756" with a type of coat of arms that included Poseidon/Merman and coat of arms and the text: "Ung Dieu et Ung Roy" Then below all, " Price 2 d. Sold by Faber at the Golden Head in Bloomsbury Square.
Subject:Anti- Jacobite Leaders
Medium:Mezzotint on paper
References:WB 156 An earlier state of this engraving "Thomas Smith, Esq. Vice Admirnal of the White" is EP IV 375-1 Tom Scott B/9058
Artist:R. Wilson
Engraver:Johannes Faber
Notes:Photographed 1965

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