Special and Named Printed Collections

Prints in the Walter Blaikie Collection on deposit in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery

Title:Miss Jenny Cameron, the Young Pretender;s Diana
Description:Jenny Cameron, c. 1700-1790. Adventuress, supporter of Charles Edward Stuart 9 1/4x 6 7/8 Portrait of Jenny Cameron, the same as 15.2 just a mirror image. Two columns of text with 6 lines each: " Jenny, the bold Amazon of the North! With high Encomiums Fame proclaims her Worth: In Bloom of Youth She gave to Love her Cahrms: By Age matured, she courts the Din of Arms. Zealous for Charles she treads ye rough Campaign. And feels the Shiv'ring Winds without a Pain. (2nd column) With step intreped marches thro' the Snow. Faces the Frost & mounts the bleaky Brown. The hardy Highlander, enur'd to Cold. Admires her Courage, & becomes more bold. They Spirit, Jenny, had deserv'd applause, Hadst thou engag'd in George's nobler cause." "Published according to Act of Parliament 1746"
Subject:Jacobite Ladies
Medium:Line engraving on paper
Height:17.50 cm
References:Same as SP 111 13-2 and 6 WB 180
Notes:typed and pasted on front: Probabl a portrait of the actress Kitty Clive who acted the part of the mythical Jenny Cameron in a pantomime."

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