Special and Named Printed Collections

Prints in the Walter Blaikie Collection on deposit in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery

Title:The form and manner of the court for trying the revel lords in Westmminster-hall
Description:For the trial of Earls Kilmarnock and Cromarty, and Lord Balmerino Two pieces: first piece shows the three men in front of the court "The Tryals of the Earl of Kilmarnock, the Earl of Cromaertie, and Lord Balmerino" and the 2nd piece shows the layout of the court room In two parts: engraving of the trail scene, "According to Act of Parliamnet Novemb. 5 1746? sold by J. Cole." Second part, below, is letterpress plan of trial. Single sheet
Subject:Incidents, Caricatures Etc.Etc.
Medium:Plan of Westminster Hall
References:WB 211 and 212
Notes:Not in NLS, not in ESTC TWO folders of contents showing the scene of execution for Balmerino and Kilmarnock as well as a few others of Lovat- not labelled or mounted

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