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Prints in the Walter Blaikie Collection on deposit in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery

Title:A True Representation of TOWER-HILL, as it Appear'd from a rais'd point of View on the North side, August ye 18th 1746. When the Earl of Kilmoarnock and the Lord of Balmerino were Beheaded.
Description:View of Towere Hill during the Execution of the Earls of Kilmarnock and Lord Balmerino 14 1/2x 24 Large engraving, shows Tower Hill completely surrounded by people and guards, with people out of every window. Labels from 1-12 placed around the engraving show "The House from which they were led to the Scaffold" and "The White Tower" etc.
Subject:Incidents, Caricatures Etc.Etc.
Medium:Engraving on paper
Height:61.00 cm
References:WB 210
Artist:G. Budel
Engraver:Puierre-Charles Canot

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