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Prints in the Walter Blaikie Collection on deposit in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery

Title:The Lord Lovat
Description:Simon Fraser, Lord Lovat (c. 1667- 1747) 15 3/8x 14 1/8 "The Lord Lovat as He appear'd at the time He was taken" below: "Among them there was a Politician with more Heads than a Beast in Vision And more Intrigues in every one Then all the Whore of Babylon Could turn his Word and Oath and Faith as many ways as in a Lathe" Shows Lord Lovat sitting on a wall, with trees behind him, many pictures on the wall portraying scenes from his life--all bad, his sporin hangs open with bottles of spirits visible, he's also holding a piece of paper with 6 lines of verse on it. The Scenes are entitled: "The Lady Dowager of Lovat forced into Bed &c" and "When a Jesuit in France the Young Lady and her Maid" and "The Magnificent Monument erected to set forth ye Virtues of ye Family of Lovat" and "M___ Daughters and Maid poulled out of their Bed and Abus'd, for which three of he Gang were hanged" and "Mt___ Corn and Hay stacks were burnt to Ashes one night" and "A servant in the cave for asking his wages" and "A Hundred Head of Large Cattle belonging to Mr. ___ all Killed and Lamed in one Night"
Subject:Incidents, Caricatures Etc.Etc.
Medium:Etching on paper
Height:35.89 cm
References:SP III 53-9 WB 193

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