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Title:Lovat's Ghost on Pilgrimage
Description:Lord Lovat (c. 1667-1747) 12 7/8x 7 1/8 Picture of Lord Lovat, headless, in a grave yard, carrying his own head, with a monk's habit on, and chain of the crucifiction around neck, holding a long walking stick. Bones on the ground. He is standing in front of his tombstone that states: "This Monument was rected by Simon Lord Fraser of Lovat" and on the side of it a skull and cross bones and a skeleton holding up an ax with text: "To the Memory of Thoms Lord Fraser of Lovat" Clouds and lightening in sky With 3 columns of text, each with two lines below: "Disguis'd thro' Life, a Layman at ye Block, My headless Trunk resumes ye Monkish Frock; Doom'd for my Crimes in Pilgrimage to roam, With weay Steps I seek my Native Home, Where Vanity inscribes my Father's Tomb, But Justice non denies my Carcase Room." "Sold by T. Jeffreys at the Corner of St. Martins Lane Charing Cross and W Herbert at the Golden Globe on London Bridge" "Published according to Act of Parliament June 15, 1747"
Subject:Incidents, Caricatures Etc.Etc.
Medium:Mezzotint engraving on paper
References:SP III 53-13 BM Satires Vol III No. 2848 WB 124
Artist:William Hogarth
Engraver:Samuel Ireland
Notes:And four others
Date:15 June 1747

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