Special and Named Printed Collections

Prints in the Walter Blaikie Collection on deposit in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery

Title:Slavery in Miniature: a fable. Apply'd to the most factious people of Great-Britain, 1745
Description:Anti-Jacobite Broadsheet with allegorical engraving at top, two columns of verse below. Single sheet Picture of Prince George on one side "While George and Justice rule our British Life" and on other side a picture of the pope with angels and scales of "Popery" and "No Religion" with description: "No Popish Varletts shall our Rights defile" Two columns of text in English follows
Subject:Incidents, Broadsheets, Caricatures Etc.Etc.
Medium:Engraving (letterpress)
References:BLK. 743 (micro-film presumably copy of this), not in ESTC WB 101

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