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Prints in the Walter Blaikie Collection on deposit in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery

Title:A view of the rebels as they were brought pinioned to London
Description:A scene from the 1715 uprising Forming a pair of engravings with 18.2 13 1/2x 10 Detail of Lord Withsdale escape?? A scene of the rebels being brought in, marching through the countryside in a long line. 7 miniature pictures surround the main picture, each with its own heading: "The Six Lords Pleading at Westminster Hall", "Proclaiming ye Pretender", "Lds surrender at Preston", "Deserters Shot", "Rebels Hang'd", "Ld. Nithdale Escape", and "Lord Darwentwater and Kenmuir beh.d" Classical figures surround the top and bottom, including angels and cherubs, as well as a defeated man. There is long box of text in English below the main picture, ending with "Vivat Rex. Et Floreat Regnum" "Solf by Tho. Bowles in St Pauls Church Yard"
Subject:Incidents, Broadsheets, Caricatures Etc.Etc.
Medium:Engraving on paper
Height:25.40 cm
References:Ph. Tom Scott 1967 H/166
Artist:Lud Du Guernier
Engraver:H. Terasson
Notes:And duplicate Forming a pair of engravings with 18.2

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