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Prints in the Walter Blaikie Collection on deposit in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery

Title:A Papist with his Jacobite Footman
Description:11 7/8x 6 5/8 Picture of man on horseback saying "Let us do Evil, that food may come, Whole Damnation is just" with a footman in front saying "Oh-Oh-All's Lost-oh! And other banners around him and holding a stick "Indefeisible Hereditary Right" and a sort of miniature angel with boots and spurs and a tail rides a banner "Tandem Triumphans" and says "All these things will I give them, if thou wilt fall down and worship me" there is a town in the background and three columdn of text below
Subject:Satires, Caricatures, Incidents Etc. Etc.
Medium:Engraving on paper
Height:16.80 cm
References:BM Satires Vol.III No. 2667 WB 224
Notes:And a separately mounted note explaining the picture in full detail
Date:1 Janurary 1745-6

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