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Prints in the Walter Blaikie Collection on deposit in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery

Title:The Rebellion Displayed: Most humbly Inscirbed to his Sacred Majesty King George
Description:13 1/8x 7 3/4 Picture of the Pretender and the Young Pretender with the Pope in a town square surrounded by banners and objects of anti-Jacobite sentiment such as the loss of "Magna Charta, Common and State Law, Monks, Priests, Toleration Act, Friars, Jesuits, Acts of Parliament, Habeas Corpus, The Holy Bible" and banners that state: "Tandem Triumphans A Dog Will Have His Day" and "My Chops Water at Universal Monarchy" and "Hereditary Indefeasible Rights and my Bull to Sanctify thy Claim" along with a devil saying "Prince Charles is a Protestant" Many classical figures standing on a balcony ever looking and saying "Retire my Friends to this safe calm retreat Till British courage allow Foes defeat" said by a King wearing a crown and fur robe, General mayhem and then two columns of text rousing Britains to fight against the Pretenders
Subject:Satires, Caricatures, Incidents Etc. Etc.
Medium:Engraving on paper
Height:19.70 cm
References:BM Satires Vol. III 2662 WB 107
Date:1 November 1748

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