Special and Named Printed Collections

Keir Hardie/Emrys Hughes Collection Inventory

A collection of broadsheets, pamphlets, books, illustrated material and newspaper cuttings ? mainly on political subjects ? collected by Keir Hardie, the first leader of the Labour Party, and his son-in-law Emrys Hughes, covering the period 1650-1963.

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Folk art in Rumania KH/EH.1
Fall of feudalism in Ireland KH/EH.10
Cynicus: his humour and satire. KH/EH.100
Story of Abercynon KH/EH.101
Glen book KH/EH.102
Macmillan. Portrait of a politician KH/EH.103
Labour church hymn and tune book KH/EH.104
Margaret Ethel MacDonald KH/EH.105
Specialist KH/EH.106
Report of the forty-fourth annual conference KH/EH.107
Killoch colliery KH/EH.108
Joint Institute for Nuclear Research Dubna KH/EH.109
Defence in the nuclear age KH/EH.11
Flowers from Shakespeare's garden KH/EH.110
Bolshevik, no. 11-12 KH/EH.111
Ornamenty ukra´nskogo narodnogo vyshyvannia KH/EH.112
One world KH/EH.113
Burnsiana KH/EH.114
Russia under the Tzars KH/EH.115
Finnish woman KH/EH.116
Lidice warns the world KH/EH.117
My reply to the Synod's edict KH/EH.118
Importance of the vote KH/EH.119
Trial - Joseph Hanson KH/EH.12
Soil fertility - the wasting basis of human society KH/EH.120
Don't be a gull KH/EH.121
Labour's election who's who KH/EH.122
Keir Hardie. Some memories KH/EH.123
Marriage a la mode KH/EH.124
Tolstoy as preacher KH/EH.125
Ninth anniversary of the 26th July KH/EH.126
Report on visits to Russia by members ... KH/EH.127
Socialism made easy KH/EH.128
Axe to the root KH/EH.129
Preobrazhenie cheloveka KH/EH.13
Living wage KH/EH.130
Rambles in Arran KH/EH.131
National Burns memorial and cottage homes KH/EH.132
Revolution must be a school of unfettered thought KH/EH.133
Immortal memory KH/EH.134
Bolshevising the Communist International KH/EH.135
Nash otvet Pape rimskomu KH/EH.136
Vanity fair KH/EH.137
Cartoons KH/EH.138
Conscript 'em KH/EH.139
Debate in the House of Lords, on the second reading of the Reform Bill KH/EH.14(1)
House of Commons. Monday, 10th October, 1831 KH/EH.14(2)
Illustrations of the book of Job KH/EH.140
Albom reproduktsii KH/EH.141
Tam O' Shanter KH/EH.142
General history of the world: volume 1 KH/EH.143
General history of the world: volume 2 KH/EH.144
General history of the world: volume 3 KH/EH.145
General history of the world: volume 4 KH/EH.146
General history of the world: volume 5 KH/EH.147
General history of the world: volume 6 KH/EH.148
General history of the world: volume 7 KH/EH.149
Keir Hardie's speeches and writings KH/EH.15
General history of the world: volume 8 KH/EH.150
General history of the world: volume 9 KH/EH.151
General history of the world: volume 10 KH/EH.152
General history of the world: volume 11 KH/EH.153
General history of the world: volume 12 KH/EH.154
How the little devil earned his crust of bread KH/EH.155
New basis of life KH/EH.156
Some thoughts on prayer KH/EH.157
Resist not him that is evil KH/EH.158
Monopoly, or how labour is robbed KH/EH.159
Report of court proceedings. The case of the trotskyite-Zinovievite terrorist centre KH/EH.16
Mines nationalisation bill KH/EH.160
Bolshevik bogey in Britain KH/EH.161
Keir Hardie [a biography by Emrys Hughes] KH/EH.162
Bomb over Britain KH/EH.163
John Maclean [biography by Guy A. Aldred] KH/EH.164
Report of the 53rd annual conference of the Labour Party KH/EH.165
[Scottish songs] KH/EH.166
From my corner bed KH/EH.167
Bruce: or The history of Robert I, King of Scotland. Vol. 1 KH/EH.168
Bruce: or The history of Robert I, King of Scotland. Vol. 2 KH/EH.169
Keir Hardie calendar KH/EH.17
Bruce: or The history of Robert I, King of Scotland. Vol. 3 KH/EH.170
Sketch of democracy KH/EH.171
Parliament and mumbo-jumbo KH/EH.172
Cronicles of Scotland KH/EH.173
Correspondence of Daniel O? Connell KH/EH.174
Times guide to the House of Commons KH/EH.175
History of Scotland [by George Buchanan] KH/EH.176
Select collection of original Scottish airs for the voice KH/EH.177
Waes o? war: or The upshot o? the history o? Will and Jean KH/EH.178
Historical memoirs of my own time KH/EH.179
Stalin reports on the Soviet Union KH/EH.18
Historical memoirs of my own time KH/EH.180
The radical KH/EH.19
Miner KH/EH.2
Old Kirkintilloch KH/EH.20
Satires of Cynicus KH/EH.21
Speeches delivered by Joseph Cowen KH/EH.22
Hen feddegyaeth kymrie KH/EH.23
Holy Bible 1890 KH/EH.24
Batt upon batt. A poem ... KH/EH.25(1)
Condemnation of Monsieur du Pin. KH/EH.25(10)
Observations concerning the originall of government ... KH/EH.25(11)
Character of a good, and bad, subject KH/EH.25(2)
Compleat vineyard ... KH/EH.25(3)
Introduction into the Greeke tongue KH/EH.25(4)
King's supremacy asserted ... KH/EH.25(5)
Constitutions and canons ecclesiastical KH/EH.25(6)
List of the monasterys, nunnerys, and colleges, belonging to the English Papists ... KH/EH.25(7)
Letter from the member of parliament, in answer to the Letter of the Divine ... KH/EH.25(8)
Case of Protestants in England under a Popish prince ... KH/EH.25(9)
Ecce mundus KH/EH.26
Young men in a hurry KH/EH.27
Arms and Mr Bevan KH/EH.28
Hypocrisy and folly of this war KH/EH.29
Heir followeth the coppie of the ressoning KH/EH.3(1)
Oratioune in fauouris of all thais of the congregatione KH/EH.3(2)
Breefe memoriall of the lyfe and death of Doctor James Spottiswood KH/EH.3(3)
If thine enemy hunger KH/EH.30
Brothers at last KH/EH.31
Life and death of a pay packet KH/EH.32
Whose dog art thou? KH/EH.33
Moses: a lecture KH/EH.34
Who's who in the Attlee team KH/EH.35
Were we to blame too KH/EH.36
Trade-union politics KH/EH.37
Bankers in the dock KH/EH.38
To the memory of Hardie KH/EH.39
Labour leader KH/EH.4
Queenie Gerald case KH/EH.40
To the electers of the Bosworth KH/EH.41
Mr Churchill and the atom bomb KH/EH.42
King Coal KH/EH.43
Socialism and Christianity KH/EH.44
Community songs KH/EH.45
More about Overtoun KH/EH.46
Emrys Hughes election special KH/EH.47
Socialist and labour hymns KH/EH.48
Tolstoy: his teaching, and influence in England KH/EH.49
Fowls of the air KH/EH.5
Lipton's millions KH/EH.50
Miners' advocate KH/EH.51
True and false society KH/EH.52
Why we will not fight KH/EH.53
Open letter to His Majesty the King KH/EH.54
Our bomb for Hitler KH/EH.55
Boggart Hole contest KH/EH.56
Scottish worker KH/EH.57
How to read the Gospels KH/EH.58
In the name of God, stop a moment KH/EH.59
Robert the deuyll KH/EH.6
Prospectus 'third decisive year' issue KH/EH.60
Cost of getting married KH/EH.61
Our lives and Cuba KH/EH.62
Religiia-iad beregi rebiat KH/EH.63
Word KH/EH.64
Religion and morality KH/EH.65
Suffrage fallacies KH/EH.66
Black record KH/EH.67
Ivan the fool KH/EH.68
Individual under socialism KH/EH.69
Appeal to the nation KH/EH.7(1)
Institution and early proceedings of the Union KH/EH.7(2)
Useful work versus useless toil KH/EH.70
Leo Tolstoy: a short biography KH/EH.71
Legal eight hours' demonstration KH/EH.72
Labour looks ahead! KH/EH.73
USSR and the world proletariat KH/EH.74
Stop massacre bombing! KH/EH.75
Fifth year KH/EH.76
Bishop of Chichester on obliteration bombing KH/EH.77
Cumnock (Ayrshire) KH/EH.78
Has Labour redeemed its pledges KH/EH.79
Report of court proceedings in the case of the anti-soviet bloc of rights and trotskyites KH/EH.8
Smillie-Chisholm Robertson controversy KH/EH.80
Anxiety neurosis in modern life KH/EH.81
J Keir Hardie, AS KH/EH.82
Third annual conference of the Independent Labour Party KH/EH.83
Little book of Scottish rhymes KH/EH.84
John Keats KH/EH.85
Law of marriage and reconciliation KH/EH.86
Prepare for power KH/EH.87
Selections from Adam Lindsay Gordon KH/EH.88
Fourth Congress of the Communist International KH/EH.89
Report of court proceedings in the case of the anti-soviet trotskyite centre KH/EH.9
House with the green shutters KH/EH.90
Independent Labour Party annual conference KH/EH.91
Full report of the International Workers' Congress KH/EH.92
Second five year plan KH/EH.93
Russian idioms and phrases KH/EH.94
Turgeniev's poetry in prose KH/EH.95
Manifest kommunisticheskoÚi partii KH/EH.96
People's rights KH/EH.97
Russia, Finland and the Baltic KH/EH.98
British Communist Party. A short history KH/EH.99