Special and Named Printed Collections

Ronald Selby Wright Collection Inventory

This is a collection of books, magazines, newspaper supplements and other printed material collected by the late Very Rev Ronald Selby Wright (1907-1995), a Church of Scotland minister, military padre, and leader of Edinburgh boys' clubs. Among his commissioned bindings are volumes of works written or edited by him, including religious talks broadcast during the Second World War.

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Asking them questions. First series. (Wright, Ronald Selby) 6th impression. London 1941 RSW.1
Asking why. (Wright, Ronald Selby) Repr. London 1944 RSW.10(3)
The Scottish Forces Magazine. Vol.26-30. [Edinburgh] 1969-1974 RSW.100
One great teacher. (Wright, Ronald Selby) [Edinburgh] 1978 RSW.101
Daily prayer. London 1942 RSW.102
Divisional service book. Edinburgh [194-] RSW.103
The Jews. Some plain facts. 4th ed. [s.l.], 1942 RSW.104
Every soldier's problem. (Bellenger, F.J.) London 1943 RSW.105
Wisdom from the desert. (Foot, Stephen) London [194-] RSW.106
Service and hymn book R.A.F. Drigh Road, Sind. Karachi [1942] RSW.107
Extracts from a Christian soldier's diary. Manbhum 1942 RSW.108
God and the war. Chipping Norton [194-?] RSW.109
Fathers of the Kirk. (Wright, Ronald Selby) London 1960 RSW.11
Scotland. A student guide. [Edinburgh 196-] RSW.110
The Christian and the scientific outlook. (Short, A. Rendle) London 1943 RSW.111
Terror in Europe. The fate of the Jews. (Tolstoy, Alexei) London [194-] RSW.112
Some Jewish benefactions to the nation. London [1936] RSW.113
To all Christians! (Carter, Henry) London [193-] RSW.114
'Let my people go'. (Gollancz, Victor) 5th impression. London 1943 RSW.115
Social reconstruction course. [s.l.], 1943 RSW.116
They sought out Rommel. London 1942 RSW.117
Anglo-Jewry in battle and blitz. London [194-] RSW.118
Order of service at confirmations for use in the Diocese of Bristol. Bristol [19--] RSW.119
The average man. (Wright, Ronald Selby) 3rd impression. London 1942 RSW.12(1); RSW.43(1)
Let's ask the padre. (Wright, Ronald Selby) 2nd ed. Edinburgh 1943 RSW.12(2); RSW.30; RSW.44(1)
[Order of service: Peter Capel Meyrick] [s.l., 1943] RSW.120
The newspaper. (Thomas, Ivor) London 1943 RSW.121
The transition from war to peace. (Pigou, A.C.) London 1943 RSW.122
Britain's future population. (Harrod, R.F.) London 1943 RSW.123
Why should I go to church? (Williams, J.G.) Brecon 1939 RSW.124
The Christian Church ? yesterday and to-morrow. (Major, H.D.A. etc.) London [1943?] RSW.125
The present time of silence. (Valentin, A.) [s.l., 1938] RSW.126
The children's Dorcas club: the Annual Joy Fair. [London 1961?] RSW.127
Empire Youth Sunday. May 16th, 1943. [London 1943] RSW.128
Britain's Fifth Column - a plain warning! Tiptree [194-] RSW.129
Front line religion. (Wright, Ronald Selby) London 1941 RSW.13
A summary of the experience in the field of the Eighth Army Brotherhood of Chaplains. [s.l., 1944?] RSW.130
A short history of Scottish regiments. 10th impression. St. Andrews 1943 RSW.131
This cause we serve. [London 1943.] RSW.132
The psychology of antisemitism. (Cohen, A.) London [194-] RSW.133
Rescue the perishing. (Rathbone, Eleanor) Rev. ed. London 1943 RSW.134
What the Jews of the British Empire did in the Great War. London [193-?] RSW.135
'The Diagonals' Italian grammar. [London 1944] RSW.136
The legacy of Jewish life and thought. (Parkes, J.W. etc.) Tiptree [1939] RSW.137
The logic of faith. (Andrew, Rev. Father) [s.l., 19--] RSW.138
Combined Operations 1940-1942. London 1943 RSW.139
Great men. (Wright, Ronald Selby) London 1951 RSW.14; RSW.45(4)
The tiger kills. London 1944 RSW.140
The disease of antisemitism. (La Bern, A.J.) [London 1942] RSW.141
The tiger triumphs. London 1942 RSW.142
The Athenaeum, founded 1824. Rules and list of members. London [1947] RSW.143
The defence of Calais. (Linklater, Eric) London 1941 RSW.144
The Highland Division. (Linklater, Eric) London 1942 RSW.145
The Battle of Flanders, 1940. (Hay, Ian) London 1941 RSW.146
Thinking ahead. London [194-] RSW.147
Memoirs of a rifleman scout. Pt. 1. Helensburgh [1949?] RSW.148
The order of Divine Service and sundry other services as used within the Canongate Kirk etc. 4th ed. rev. Edinburgh 1967 RSW.149
Great men. [With 2 leaves of signatures] (Wright, Ronald Selby) London 1951 RSW.15
The club that boys built. (Govan, Harold W.) Edinburgh 1943 RSW.150
The Cuillins of Skye. (Coles, Herbert) [Edinburgh 1967?] RSW.151
The laying up of the old colours of the First Battalion? [Edinburgh 1976] RSW.152
Economics, ethics, and stipends. (Downie, Thomas) Edinburgh 1945 RSW.153
The conquest of North Africa. London [194-] RSW.154
Inverleith Church 1881-1981. (Fraser, Alexander) Edinburgh 1981 RSW.155
Finito! The Po Valley campaign. [s.l., 1945] RSW.156
The two types. [A book of cartoons.] London 1960 RSW.157
Destruction of an army. London 1941 RSW.158
The Abyssinian campaigns. London [1942] RSW.159
Great men. (Wright, Ronald Selby) Repr. New York 1970 RSW.16
Before we go back. [Concerning the Nazi occupation of Norway] London 1944 RSW.160
The campaign in Burma. London 1946 RSW.161
Old Edinburgh 1939. Edinburgh 1939 RSW.162
Old Edinburgh 1944. Edinburgh 1944 RSW.163
The two types. [A book of cartoons produced in wartime format.] [London 194-] RSW.164
Lord Denning's Report. [A parliamentary report.] London 1963 RSW.165
Coastal Command. London 1942 RSW.166
News in our time, 1896-1946. London [1946] RSW.167
The Eighth Army. September 1941 to January 1943. London 1944 RSW.168
Front line 1940-1941. London 1942 RSW.169
The greater victory. [With manuscript dedication to Wallace Campbell.] (Wright, Ronald Selby) London 1943 RSW.17
Nomads Club annual dinner 1953. [Glasgow 1953] RSW.170
The Grenadier Guards 1939-1945. London 1941 RSW.171
The Battle of Britain. An Air Ministry account? . London 1941 RSW.172
Churches and cathedrals. Their building and use. (Leacroft, Helen etc.) Harmondsworth 1957 RSW.173.
R.A.F. Middle East. London 1945 RSW.174
Man O' War Bay 1951-1954. Edinburgh [1954?] RSW.175
Atom Tribune. 20th ed. [s.l., 1946?] RSW.176
"Battle of Britain". World premiere. [Programme] [s.l., 1969] RSW.177
Waterloo. [Film preview] [London] 1970 RSW.178
The Boys' Brigade. The founder's centenary 1854-1954. London [1954] RSW.179
The greater victory. (Wright, Ronald Selby) London 1943 RSW.18; RSW.12(3)
A man dies. [Film preview] London 1960 RSW.180
Oliver. [Film preview] London 1960 RSW.181
The Pallisers. Full guide to the BBC TV serial. London 1974 RSW.182
Tales of Beatrix Potter. [Film preview] London 1971 RSW.183
Inveraray Castle restoration appeal. [s.l., 1976] RSW.184
Epstein. Edinburgh Festival Society memorial exhibition. [Edinburgh 196-] RSW.185
Young Winston. [Film preview.] London [197-] RSW.186
Goodbye Mr. Chips. [Film preview] New York 1969 RSW.187
The go-between. [Film preview.] London [197-] RSW.188
St. Giles annual report ? 1933. Edinburgh [1933] RSW.189
An illustrated guide to the Canongate Kirk. (Wright, Ronald Selby) Edinburgh 1965 RSW.19
St. Giles annual report ? 1934. Edinburgh [1934] RSW.190
Melville College Chronicle. July 1960. [Edinburgh 1960] RSW.191
Melville College Chronicle. July 1968. [Edinburgh 1968] RSW.192
Scotland's take note. October 1951. [Edinburgh 1951] RSW.193
The Presbytery of Edinburgh youth bulletin. Winter 1946. [Edinburgh 1946] RSW.194
The Lorettonian magazine. January 1981. [Edinburgh 1981] RSW.195
The Lorettonian magazine. December 1981. [Edinburgh 1981] RSW.196
Round table. Autumn 1951. [Edinburgh 1951] RSW.197
Round table. Winter 1951. [Edinburgh 1951] RSW.198
Round table. Autumn 1952 [Edinburgh 1952] RSW.199
Asking them questions. Second series. (Wright, Ronald Selby) London 1938 RSW.2
A short guide to the Canongate Kirk. Edinburgh 1974 RSW.20
The Reformed and Presbyterian world. June 1960. Vol. 26, no. 2. Geneva [1960] RSW.200
The Presbyter. Vol. 6. No. 3. Third quarter, 1948. [London] 1948 RSW.201
Young Scotland. Vol. 27. No. 11. August, 1951. [Edinburgh] 1948 RSW.202
Young Scotland. Vol. 28. No. 3. December, 1951. [Edinburgh] 1951 RSW.203
Manse mail. May 1960. [Edinburgh 1960] RSW.204
Manse mail. October 1960. [Edinburgh 1960] RSW.205
Manse mail. October 1967. [Edinburgh 1967] RSW.206
Scottish Association of Boys' Clubs annual report 1957-58. [Edinburgh 1958] RSW.207
Scottish Association of Boys' Clubs annual report 1958-59. [Edinburgh 1959] RSW.208
The Edinburgh Academy Chronicle, vol. 68, no. 3, December 1960. [Edinburgh 1960] RSW.209
The beloved captain. (Hankey, Donald) Edinburgh 1974 RSW.21
The Edinburgh Academy Chronicle, vol. 75, no. 1, March 1968. [Edinburgh 1968] RSW.210
The Edinburgh Academy Chronicle, vol. 76, no. 3, December 1969. [Edinburgh 1969] RSW.211
The Edinburgh Academy Chronicle, vol. 79, no. 1, January 1972. [Edinburgh 1972] RSW.212
The Edinburgh Academy Chronicle, vol. 84, no. 3, September 1977. [Edinburgh 1977] RSW.213
The Edinburgh Academy Chronicle, vol. 87, no. 2, Autumn 1980. [Edinburgh 1980] RSW.214
The Edinburgh Academy Chronicle, vol. 89, no. 1, January 1982. [Edinburgh 1982] RSW.215
The Anchor. No. 37. April 1954. [Glasgow 1954] RSW.216
The Christian news-letter. No. 191. [London 1943] RSW.217
The Christian news-letter. Supplement to no. 191. [London 1943] RSW.218
Melville College Chronicle. Vol. 4, no. 17. July 1943. [Edinburgh 1943] RSW.219
Haply I may remember. (Wright, Ronald Selby) Edinburgh 1970 RSW.22
Melville College Chronicle. Vol. 10, no. 8. Summer 1972. [Edinburgh 1972] RSW.220
Over to you. Vol. 19, no. 4. Spring, 1967. [London 1967] RSW.221
The Collegian. December 1981. [Edinburgh 1981] RSW.222
The Scots magazine. Vol. 103, no. 5. August, 1975. Dundee, [1975] RSW.223
The Scots magazine. Vol. 104, no. 1. October, 1975. Dundee, [1975] RSW.224
The woggle. Vol. 2, no. 3. October 1954. [s.l., 1954] RSW.225
The coracle. No. 19. January 1951. [s.l., 1951] RSW.226
The Water of Leith. No. 6, July 1960. [Edinburgh 1960] RSW.227
Lift up your hearts. No. 61. Reading [1957] RSW.228
The Fettesian. Vol. 72, no. 3. July 1950. Edinburgh 1950 RSW.229
I attack. (Wright, Ronald Selby) London 1937 RSW.23
The Fettesian. Vol. 80, no. 3. July, 1958. Edinburgh 1958 RSW.230
The Fettesian. Vol. 82, no. 3. July, 1960. Edinburgh 1960 RSW.231
The Fettesian. Vol. 83, no. 1. December, 1960. Edinburgh 1960 RSW.232
The Fettesian. Vol. 87, no. 3. July 1965. Edinburgh 1965 RSW.233
The Fettesian. Vol. 88, no. 3. July 1966. Edinburgh 1966 RSW.234
The Fettesian. Vol. 94, no. 2. Summer, 1972. [Edinburgh 1972] RSW.235
The Fettesian. Vol. C. September, 1978. [Edinburgh 1978] RSW.236
The Fettesian. Vol. E. September 1980. [Edinburgh 1980] RSW.237
The Fettesian. Vol. F. November 1981. [Edinburgh 1981] RSW.238
The Battle of the River Plate. Picture Post special. [London 1940?] RSW.239
In Christ we are all one. (Wright, Ronald Selby) Edinburgh 1972 RSW.24; RSW.25
Transactions of the Scottish Ecclesiological Society. Vol. 14 part 1. Edinburgh 1948 RSW.240
The Thistle. Vol. 11 no. 3. November 1965. [Edinburgh 1965] RSW.241
The Thistle. Vol. 17 no. 5. November 1980. [Edinburgh 1980] RSW.242
The Thistle. 350th anniversary commemorative issue. Vol. 18, no. 3. [Edinburgh 1983] RSW.243
Schola regia. Vol. 47, no. 140. Easter 1951. Edinburgh [1951] RSW.244
Schola regia. Vol. 67, no. 191. July 1971. Edinburgh [1971] RSW.245
Schola regia. Vol. 68, no. 192. January 1972. Edinburgh [1972] RSW.246
Schola regia. Vol. 68, no. 193. July 1972. Edinburgh [1972] RSW.247
South Leith kirk and folk. Vol. 48, no. 5. May 1970. [Edinburgh 1970] RSW.248
Practical Christianity. No. 246. May-June 1967. [London 1967] RSW.249
Blackwood's magazine. No. 1384. Vol. 229. February 1931. Edinburgh [1931] RSW.250
The Ampleforth Journal. Vol. 59 part 2. June 1954. York [1954] RSW.251
The Borderers' Chronicle. Vol. 35. No. 9. October, 1976. [Berwick 1976] RSW.252
The thin red line. Vol. 45. No. 22. Autumn 1986. [s.l., 1986] RSW.253
Christianity and crisis. Vol. 3, no. 8. May, 1943. [s.l.., 1943] RSW.254
Christianity and crisis. Vol. 3, no. 9. May, 1943. [s.l., 1943] RSW.255
Christianity and crisis. Vol. 3, no. 10. June, 1943. [s.l., 1943] RSW.256
Toc H journal. Vol. 21. No. 5. May, 1943. [London 1943] RSW.257
The Anchor. Special Christmas issue. [Edinburgh 195-] RSW.258
The North Atlantic messenger. Autumn 1951. [s.l. 1951] RSW.259
In our tongues. (Stevenson, James Patrick) London 1944 RSW.26
Life and work. New series no. 162. June, 1943. [Multiple copies of Canongate Chronicle, No. 6, 1943 loosely inserted.] [Edinburgh 1943] RSW.260
Life and work. January 1946. [Canongate Chronicle, No. 1 1946 loosely inserted] [Edinburgh 1946] RSW.261
Life and work. November 1950. Edinburgh [1950] RSW.262
Life and work. November 1956. Edinburgh [1956] RSW.263
Life and work. November 1960. Edinburgh [1960] RSW.264
Life and work. December 1960. Edinburgh [1960] RSW.265
Life and work. May 1967. [Edinburgh 1967] RSW.266
Life and work. April 1968. [Edinburgh 1968] RSW.267
Life and work. March 1969. [Edinburgh 1969] RSW.268
Life and work. May 1972 [Edinburgh 1972] RSW.269
The Kirk in the Canongate. (Wright, Ronald Selby) Edinburgh 1956 RSW.27
The Boys' Brigade gazette. Vol. 60, no.1. October 1951. London [1951] RSW.270
The Boys' Brigade gazette. Vol. 61, no. 1. October 1952. London [1952] RSW.271
The South India churchman. Silver jubilee number 1972. Madras 1972 RSW.272
Louis Allis messenger. The 1942 Christmas annual edition. [s.l. 1942] RSW.273
The red hackle. No. 193. December 1978. [s.l. 1978] RSW.274
The red hackle. No. 201. August 1981. [s.l. 1981] RSW.275
The red hackle. No. 209. April 1984. [s.l. 1984] RSW.276
The Edinburgh tatler. Vol. 8. No. 64. August 1966. Edinburgh [1966] RSW.277
The Edinburgh tatler. Vol. 13. No. 101. September 1969. Edinburgh [1969] RSW.278
The Edinburgh tatler. Vol. 14. No. 105. January 1970. Edinburgh [1970] RSW.279
The Kirk in the Canongate. (Wright, Ronald Selby) 2nd ed. Edinburgh 1958 RSW.28
Boy's own paper. Vol.1, no. 1. Repr. London [1967?] RSW.280
Sunday. Vol. 2, no. 5. May 1967. London 1967 RSW.281
Illustrated. September 19, 1942. [London 1942] RSW.282
The illustrated London news. No. 5535, vol. 206. May 19 1945. London [1945] RSW.283
The illustrated London news. No. 5536, vol. 206. May 26 1945. London [1945] RSW.284
Farrago. No. 11. June, 1979. [Edinburgh 1979] RSW.285
Farrago. No. 12. November, 1979. [Edinburgh 1979 ] RSW.286
The diagonals. No. 29, vol. 2. July 1945. [s.l., 1945] RSW.287
[Concert programme, Canongate Kirk, 30 April 1977] [Edinburgh 1977] RSW.288
Hymn sheet. [Numbered 1-17] London [19--] RSW.289
Let's ask the padre. (Wright, Ronald Selby) 3rd impression. Edinburgh 1943 RSW.29
Eighth Army service of thanksgiving. [s.l. 19--] RSW.290
Fettes Junior School concert and prizegiving, July 10th 1975. [Edinburgh 1975] RSW.291
Adeste fideles! Three Canongate choirboys. [Christmas card] [Edinburgh 19--] RSW.292
Service of thanksgiving for the life of The Rt. Hon. Alick Laidlaw Buchanan- Smith. Tuesday, 1st October, 1991. [s.l. 1991] RSW.293
The Robert Louis Stevenson Club, luncheon. Saturday, 19th November. 1960 [Edinburgh 1960] RSW.294
Michelin map of the British Isles. No. 7, Ayr-Dumfries. [London 192-?] RSW.295
Michelin map of the British Isles. No. 9, Wigtown-Douglas. [London 192-?] RSW.296
[Cub scouts - portrait card of two cub scouts] [s.l. 19--] RSW.297
[Beating of the retreat ? invitation card to Rev. Selby Wright to Beating of the retreat on the Esplanade, Edinburgh Castle, Saturday 3rd June 1972] [Edinburgh 1972] RSW.298
[Examination script by Ronald Selby Wright in religious education at University of Edinburgh] [ca.1930?] RSW.299
Asking them questions. Third series. (Wright, Ronald Selby) London 1950 RSW.3
[Church seat ? colour photograph] [196-?] RSW.300
[Youth football team - two black and white photographs] [196-?] RSW.301
[Youth football team - one black and white photograph] [196-?] RSW.302
[Wright, Ronald Selby ? typed letter to St Giles Cathedral, Kirk of Greyfriars, Highland Church, and Canongate Kirk] [1974] RSW.303
[Mackay, Hugh. Hand-written and illuminated verses, by Hugh Mackay?] [1954] RSW.304
The Eskdale & Liddesdale Advertiser. No. 5777. July 25, 1973. [Langholm 1973] RSW.305
Edinburgh Evening News. No. 1. May 27, 1873. Repr. [Edinburgh 1963] RSW.306
[Daily Mail, February 12, 1982 ? extract covering speech by Prince of Wales on notion of freedom.] [London 1982] RSW.307
Edinburgh Evening News, January 24, 1980, with extract about Sir Ian Moncrieff. [Edinburgh 1980] RSW.308
Daily Telegraph. September 18th, 1982. Extract featuring Falklands War and part played by Duke of York. [London 1982] RSW.309
Leisure and leadership. (Troup, George Emslie) Edinburgh 1956 RSW.31
Edinburgh Evening News. [Extracts taken from unidentified issues, probably from the year 1979, concerning the retiral of Anthony Chevenix-Trench as headmaster of Fettes College] [Edinburgh 1979?] RSW.310
Edinburgh Evening News. June 27th, 1980, extract. [Edinburgh], 1980 RSW.311
Glasgow Herald. April 26, 1982., covering Falklands War. [Glasgow] 1982 RSW.312
Weekly Scotsman. September 22, 1966 featuring Boys' Camps. [Edinburgh] 1966 RSW.313
The Times. Air edition. May 8, 1945 covering celebrations at end of World War II. London 1945 RSW.314
Daily Telegraph. Weekend magazine : 'The most haunted houses'. [London 1966] RSW.315
Daily Telegraph. Magazine supplement : 'Churchill. Farewell to greatness'. London 1965 RSW.316
Daily Telegraph. Magazine supplement : 'Tribute to Sir Winston Churchill'. London 1965 RSW.317
Sunday Times. Colour section. [An issue during 1962 devoted to Sir Winston Churchill.] London 1962 RSW.318
Sunday Times Magazine. February 7, 1965 covering funeral of Sir Winston Churchill. London 1965 RSW.319
Lift up your hearts. No. 17, 20-25. [London] 1964-1965 RSW.32(1-7)
Sunday Times Magazine. May 26, 1968. [London] 1968 RSW.320
Sunday Times Magazine. August 18, 1968 featuring George Orwell. [London] 1968 RSW.321
Sunday Times Magazine. October 20, 1968. [London] 1968 RSW.322
Sunday Times Magazine. March 29, 1970. London 1970 RSW.323
Sunday Times Magazine. June 14, 1981 featuring David Gower, the cricketer. [London 1981] RSW.324
Sunday Telegraph magazine. June 26 1977. [London] 1977 RSW.325
Sunday Telegraph magazine. April 29 1979 featuring Prince of Wales. [London] 1979 RSW.326
Sunday Telegraph magazine. May 31 1981. [London] 1981 RSW.327
Sunday Telegraph magazine. November 1, 1981. [London] 1981 RSW.328
Sunday Telegraph magazine. November 22 1981 featuring Princess Diana. [London] 1981 RSW.329
Lift up your hearts. No. 11, 15-16, 27, 32, 61. Reading [1957.] RSW.33(1-6)
Edinburgh College of Domestic Science. [Pamphlet.] [Edinburgh] 1943 RSW.33(7)
Sunday Telegraph memorial edition. January 31, 1965. 'Sir Winston Churchill the last Journey'. [London] 1965 RSW.330
Observer. Magazine. January 24 1965 featuring life of Sir Winston Churchill. London 1965 RSW.331
Observer. Magazine. February 7, 1965 covering funeral of Sir Winston Churchill. London 1965 RSW.332
Observer. Magazine. May 22 1966. [London] 1966 RSW.333
Observer. Magazine. November 13 1966. "Who was Jesus?" London 1966 RSW.334
Observer. Magazine. January 8 1967 featuring television adaptation of 'Forsyte Saga'. London 1967 RSW.335
Observer. Magazine. April 9 1967. London 1967 RSW.336
Observer. Magazine. June 18 1967. [London] 1967 RSW.337
Observer. Magazine. October 29 1967. [London] 1967 RSW.338
Lift up your hearts. No. 17. [London] 1964 RSW.34; RSW.35(1)
The seven words from the Cross. (Wright, Ronald Selby) Edinburgh 1965 RSW.35(2)
Easter. (Wright, Ronald Selby) Edinburgh 1966 RSW.35(3)
A manual of church doctrine. (Wotherspoon, H.J. etc.) 2nd ed. London 1960 RSW.36
The morning service on the Lord's Day. (Wright, Ronald Selby) Edinburgh 1961 RSW.37
The order of Divine Service and sundry other services. Repr. Edinburgh 1955 RSW.38
Our club. (Wright, Ronald Selby) Edinburgh 1954 RSW.39; RSW.41(1)
Asking them questions. A selection from the three series. (Wright, Ronald Selby) 2nd impression. London 1955 RSW.4
Our club. (Wright, Ronald Selby) New enl. ed. Edinburgh 1969 RSW.40
Our club and Panmure House. (Wright, Ronald Selby) Edinburgh 1958 RSW.41(2)
The padre presents. (Wright, Ronald Selby) Edinburgh 1958 RSW.42
The greater victory. (Wright, Ronald Selby) 2nd ed. Edinburgh 1943 RSW.43(2)
Small talks. (Wright, Ronald Selby) London 1945 RSW.43(3); RSW.52
The padre presents. (Wright, Ronald Selby) Edinburgh 1944 RSW.44(2)
Whatever the years. (Wright, Ronald Selby) London 1947 RSW.45(1); RSW.57
What worries me. (Wright, Ronald Selby) London 1950 RSW.45(2); RSW.56
Strangers with thee. (Wright, Ronald Selby) [Edinburgh] 1952 RSW.45(3)
Roses in December. (Wright, Ronald Selby) London 1951 RSW.46
St. Margaret Queen of Scotland and her chapel. (Menzies, Lucy, etc.) [Edinburgh] 1957 RSW.47(1)
St. Margaret Queen of Scotland and her chapel. (Menzies, Lucy, etc.) 2nd impression. [Edinburgh] 1959 RSW.47(2)
St. Margaret Queen of Scotland and her chapel. (Menzies, Lucy, etc.) 12th reprint. [Edinburgh] 1966 RSW.48(1)
St. Margaret Queen of Scotland and her chapel. (Menzies, Lucy, etc.) 18th reprint. [Edinburgh] 1974 RSW.48(2)
Some late-night thoughts on the Seven Dwarfs. Edinburgh 1968 RSW.49
Asking them questions. New series, pt. 1. (Wright, Ronald Selby) London 1972 RSW.5
Seven sevens; a miscellany. (Wright, Ronald Selby) Edinburgh 1977 RSW.50
Slim the standard bearer. (Lewin, Ronald) London 1976 RSW.51
Soldiers also asked. (Wright, Ronald Selby) London 1943 RSW.53
Take up God's armour. (Wright, Ronald Selby) London 1967 RSW.54
A thought for to-day. Fourth series. London 1942 RSW.55(1)
Twitterpating. (Wright, Ronald Selby) [London 1943] RSW.55(2)
You may not believe it. (Wright, Ronald Selby) [London 1943] RSW.55(3)
I'll be damned if the beast wins. (Wright, Ronald Selby) [London 1943] RSW.55(4)
A Christmas message for 1943. (Wright, Ronald Selby) [London 1943] RSW.55(5)
This Sunday business. (Wright, Ronald Selby) [London, 194-] RSW.55(6)
The message must get through. (Wright, Ronald Selby) [Edinburgh 1942] RSW.55(7)
Who is he? (Warr, Charles L.) Edinburgh 1969 RSW.58
Why aren't all the best chaps Christians? (Kennedy, G.A. Studdert) Repr. London 1939 RSW.59
Asking them questions. New series, pt. 2. (Wright, Ronald Selby) London 1972 RSW.6
Worship now. (Wright, Ronald Selby) Edinburgh 1972 RSW.60
Canongate Chronicle. No. 1-2. Edinburgh 1933-1934 RSW.61(1-2)
His Majesty's Scottish Forces. Vol.1. [Edinburgh] 1941 RSW.62
His Majesty's Scottish Forces. Vol.2. [Edinburgh] 1942 RSW.63
His Majesty's Scottish Forces. Vol.3. [Edinburgh] 1943 RSW.64
His Majesty's Scottish Forces. Vol.4. [Edinburgh] 1944 RSW.65
The Scottish Forces Magazine. Vol.5. [Edinburgh] 1945 RSW.66
The Scottish Forces Magazine. Vol.6. [Edinburgh] 1946 RSW.67
The Scottish Forces Magazine. Vol.7. [Edinburgh] 1947 RSW.68
The Scottish Forces Magazine. Vol.8. [Edinburgh] 1947-1948 RSW.69
Asking why. (Wright, Ronald Selby) London 1939 RSW.7; RSW.9(3)
The Scottish Forces Magazine. Vol.9. [Edinburgh] 1948-1949 RSW.70
The Scottish Forces Magazine. Vol.10. [Edinburgh] 1949-1950 RSW.71
The Scottish Forces Magazine. Vol.11. [Edinburgh] 1950-1951 RSW.72
The Scottish Forces Magazine. Vol.12. [Edinburgh] 1951-1952 RSW.73
The Scottish Forces Magazine. Vol.13. [Edinburgh] 1952-1953 RSW.74
The Scottish Forces Magazine. Vol.14. [Edinburgh] 1954-1955 RSW.75
The Scottish Forces Magazine. Vol.15. [Edinburgh] 1955-1956 RSW.76
The Scottish Forces Magazine. Vol. 16. [Edinburgh] 1956-1957 RSW.77
The Scottish Forces Magazine. Vol. 17. [Edinburgh] 1958 RSW.78
The Scottish Forces Magazine. Vol.18. [Edinburgh] 1959 RSW.79
The average man. (Wright, Ronald Selby) London 1942 RSW.8.
The Scottish Forces Magazine. Vol.19. [Edinburgh] 1960-1961 RSW.80
The Scottish Forces Magazine. Vol.20. [Edinburgh] 1961-1962 RSW.81
The Scottish Forces Magazine. Vol.21. [Edinburgh] 1962-1963 RSW.82; RSW.83
The Scottish Forces Magazine. Vol.22. [Edinburgh] 1963-1965 RSW.84
The Scottish Forces Magazine. Vol.23. [Edinburgh] 1965-1966 RSW.85; RSW.86
The Scottish Forces Magazine. Vol.24. [Edinburgh] 1966-1967 RSW.87
The Scottish Forces Magazine. Vol.25. [Edinburgh] 1967-1968 RSW.88
The Scottish Forces Magazine. Vol.26. [Edinburgh] 1969 RSW.89
Asking them questions. First series. (Wright, Ronald Selby) 7th impression. London 1942 RSW.9(1); RSW.10(1)
Asking them questions. Second series. (Wright, Ronald Selby) 4th impression. London 1943 RSW.9(2); RSW.10(2)
The Scottish Forces Magazine. Vol.27. [Edinburgh] 1970 RSW.90
The Scottish Forces Magazine. Vol.28. [Edinburgh] 1971 RSW.91
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