Special and Named Printed Collections


A selection of 579 volumes from the library of Henry James Paterson, who, although he lived in the south of England, had been born in Scotland and spent part of his boyhood in Edinburgh. The collection was received by the Library in 1988 and contains books dating from the 15th to the mid-20th century, mainly pre-1801 books, both British and continental imprints, including ten incunables, 11 STC (see p. 3) and 18 Wing (see p. 3) items, and volumes from the Aldine and other Venetian humanist presses. Fine printing from the 18th century is represented by a number of books from the Baskerville, Bodoni, and Foulis Presses, and there are examples of 19th- and 20th-century private press books. The subject matter consists largely of works of literature and the humanities, botany, and volumes on modern art, including the Impressionists. Items of note include the first edition of Jane Austenıs Emma (London, 1816), and William Morrisıs copy of Chaucerıs Workes (London, 1602).

Shelf: Pat.


In 1977, before the dispersal of a large part of the library of St Ninian?s Cathedral, Perth, the Library purchased a selection of 75 volumes and c. 3,750 pamphlets of the 18th and the 19th century. The books include 18th-century Bibles, among them two copies of a Bible printed in Edinburgh in 1722, both in bindings by James Scott of Edinburgh, as well as works by Erasmus, Melanchthon, George Buchanan, David Hume and John Locke. Most of the pamphlets relate to theology, ecclesiastical affairs in Scotland, and in particular to the Episcopal Church in Scotland. At the time of the purchase the Bishop and Chapter deposited 84 volumes of liturgical works, many of the Episcopal Church in Scotland, including over 20 editions of the Communion office, and five catalogues of the library, one printed, the others partly or completely in manuscript.

Typescript inventory of the manuscripts.

Shelf: PDL.75 (deposited collection) and PSNC.


Although the majority of the photographs and photographically illustrated books are scattered throughout the collections of the Library, a separate shelf-mark was created for new accessions of photographic material in all formats in 1978. At present this contains c. 400 separate items, dating from the 1840s onwards: positive silver prints (of all processes), photomechanical prints; waxed-paper, film and glass negatives; lantern slides, miscellaneous albums, and photographically illustrated books. The collection contains a total of c. 10,000 photographic images and is augmented through donation and purchase, with an emphasis on Scottish material in general and on photographically-illustrated books. Important photographic items in the general collections are being gradually replaced at this location. The earliest item in the collection is a copy of William Henry Fox Talbotıs Sun Pictures in Scotland ([London], 1845), containing 23 salted-paper prints.

R. Ovenden, ıRecent Acquisitions of Travel Photography by the National Library of Scotlandı, Scottish Photography Bulletin, 2 (1992), 11-20.

Shelf: Phot.


A collection of 45 books and photographs on art and the history of art, including Classical and oriental art, from the professional library of the Edinburgh-based sculptor Charles dı Orville Pilkington Jackson (1887-1973), ARSA FRSA FRBS, who was responsible for a number of military memorials in Scotland. The books were received in 1983; in 1979 his papers were presented to the Library by his Trustees, through his widow Mrs A.E.OıB. Pilkington Jackson.

Typescript inventory of the manuscripts.

Shelf: Pilk.


Presented by the Polish Community in Edinburgh in 1962 to commemorate the millennium of Christianity in Poland and the emergence of the Polish State, the collection contains 850 books and 139 pamphlets, mainly modern Polish publications.

Shelf: Pol.E.


In the 1820s the Signet Library in Edinburgh was given a collection of 143 books on Polish history and literature dating from the 16th to the early 19th century. It was donated by the Polish exiles Count Konstantyn Zamoyski and Count Soba ski who had been allowed to use the Library. The collection was presented to the National Library by the Society of Writers to Her Majesty?s Signet in 1962.

Shelf: Pol.S.


Presented in 1964 by Count Jan Tarnowski, the collection contains 70 books and 66 pamphlets, which are modern Polish publications mainly on artistic subjects.

Shelf: : Pol.T.


The library of the Chapel House at Preshome, Banffshire, deposited in 1975 by the Trustees, which consists of over 4,700 books, pamphlets and periodical parts. The collection is predominantly theological and religious in content, but there are also works on literature, history, philosophy, economics and law. Much of the material was collected by Bishop James Kyle (1788-1869), Vicar-Apostolic of the Northern District of Scotland from 1828 to 1869.

D. McRoberts, ?Some Sixteenth-century Scottish Breviaries?, The Innes Review, 3 (1952), 33-48.

Shelf: PCL.


This collection, donated in 2011, consists of an almost complete set of the Collection of British (and American) Authors series published by the German firm of Bernhard Tauchnitz of Leipzig between 1841 and 1943, as well as later Tauchnitz editions published in Hamburg and Stuttgart in the 1940s and 50s. Over 5,000 titles were published by Tauchnitz Editions and the collection includes copies of different printings of many numbers in the series. A few volumes in the collection are from the library of Empress Elisabeth ("Sisi") of Austria (1837-1898). The collection also includes an almost complete set of Tauchnitz's most serious competitor, the Modern Continental Library publications of the Albatross Press, based in Paris, which were printed between 1932 and 1939. There are also examples of English-language publishing by other Continental publishers; ephemera related to the Tauchnitz firm; and books belonging to the founder of the company Christian Bernhard Tauchnitz, later Baron Tauchnitz (1816-1895). The collection was largely formed by the German antiquarian bookseller and publisher Dr Karl H. Pressler (1926-2009) and augmented by Mr Michael Kahan, who donated the collection to the Library.

Awaiting cataloguing; W.B. Todd & A. Bowden, "Tauchnitz international editions in English, 1841-1955: a bibliographical history" London, 1988 (reprinted 2003

Shelf: PKT.


A selection of 571 volumes, including 50 volumes of pamphlets, from the library of the Protestant Institute of Scotland, was deposited in 1963 and subsequently purchased by the Library in 1997. It includes works on Canon law and the Church Fathers, Catholic and Protestant theology and religious controversy, and items relating to the temperance movement in the 19th century. These are mainly British publications of the 17th, the 18th and the 19th century, but include a number of continental and a few American imprints.

Shelf: Prot.


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