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Show:     Cantilena - Christmas concerto (Manfredini), Canzona a eight (Gabrieli), Pavane no 3 (Ferrabosco), Concerto grosso in D major (Handel), Suite in C (Lawes), Christmas concerto (Corelli), Canon (Pachelbel)
Company:     Livingston Arts Guild
Venue:     Mews Theatre (Livingston)
Year:     1974
Shelfmark:     PB8.216.116/21
Notes:     Handbill
This performance has musical content
Show:     Ballet for Scotland (Naila, Five Ruckert songs, Beauty and the beast, Napoli variations)
Company:     Scottish Ballet
Venue:     Mews Theatre (Livingston)
Year:     1978
Shelfmark:     SJ4.3250
This performance has musical content