Guide to Scottish Newspaper Indexes

Title:Evening Times
Scope:1979 onwards
Description:Indexes items of local interest only. Does not index some sports items, women's guild meetings, baby competitions, most illustrations, births and marriages, and advertisements. Index based on combination of printed listing and in-house rules.
Format:Until 1985 annual volumes of cuttings; 1986 onwards all cuttings interfiled with cuttings from other newspapers in classified pamphlet sequence
Compiler:Renfrewshire Libraries
Location:Paisley Central Library, Heritage and Information Services
Central Library
68 High Street
(tel.0141 889 2360/0141 887 3672)
Opening Hours:Monday 9.00am to 5pm; Tuesday 9.00am to 8pm; Wednesday 9.00am to 5pm; Thursday 9.00am to 8pm; Friday 9.00am to 5pm
Contact:Staff member on counter duty. Annual volumes available for consultation at the discretion of staff. Please note that bound volumes cannot be photocopied