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Diary of a trip to Egypt and Jerusalem, 1886.

Author Agnes Bowie Shanks
Title Diary of a trip to Egypt and Jerusalem, 1886.
Imprint Greenock: W. Hutchison
Date of Publication 1887
Language English
Notes Unrecorded private printing of the diary of Agnes Bowie Shanks (d. 1920), wife of the Rev. David Shanks (1828-1887), Minister of Craigrownie Church, near Helensburgh. Rev. Shanks undertook the trip to the Middle East to restore his failing health but died in 1887, the year after the trip. Accompanying the work are two letters, one from the Rev. James A. C. Murray, dated 14/06/1916, to Agnes Shanks, thanking her for lending him the volume, the other is a modern note concerning the loan of the book. The signature of the author is at the head of the title page and also the front wrapper.
Shelfmark AP.2.216.07
Reference Sources Bookseller's notes
Acquired on 22/01/16
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