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Here's to the Heather. Poems and Songs.

Author Hector MacPherson
Title Here's to the Heather. Poems and Songs.
Imprint New York: Scottish American press
Date of Publication 1896
Language English
Notes This volume of verse, some of which is written in Scots, was by the Scottish journalist and political campaigner Hector Carsewell MacPherson (1851?1924), best known for his books on Thomas Carlyle and Adam Smith for the 'Famous Scots' series. MacPherson was at the time editor of the Edinburgh Evening News, known for his strong stances on the importance of free speech, the independence of small nations and his pro-Liberal Party views. No copies of this work are recorded in other major libraries in the UK and there are no other publications recorded as published by the Scottish-American Press of New York.
Shelfmark AB.2.217.26
Reference Sources Oxford Dictionary of National Biography
Acquired on 10/02/17
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