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Observations of the management of flax from the field to the heckle.

Author [Anon]
Title Observations of the management of flax from the field to the heckle.
Imprint Edinburgh: to be had of the booksellers
Date of Publication 1784
Language English
Notes Flax was widely grown in Scotland in the 18th-century for the textile industry and was an important part of the national economy. The anonymous author has written a detailed guide to the efficient cultivation and harvesting of the crop "from the field to the heckle", a heckle being the toothed comb-like implement used for dressing flax. He has also embellished the pamphlet with illustrations of machinery and added a second, separately paginated, part "a plan of farming books, to answer from five acres, to ten thousand, or any number", designed to aid farmers in employing their workers and farm animals efficiently when harvesting crops. The pamphlet was originally part of a volume in the library at Fettercairn house, home of the family of Forbes of Pitsligo, which was sold off at auction in 2016. Only two other copies are recorded.
Shelfmark RB.s.2937
Acquired on 22/04/17
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