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Thoughts on emigration, and on the Canadas.

Author Charles Shirreff.
Title Thoughts on emigration, and on the Canadas.
Date of Publication
Language English
Notes An author's presentation copy of a work by Scottish settler, Charles Shirreff (1768-1847), who emigrated to Canada in 1817. He founded the settlement of Fitzroy Harbour on the Ottawa River in 1831. He was an early advocate of linking the river to either Lake Huron or Lake Simcoe by canal, and he published his ideas in this pamphlet, which proposed bringing labourers in to build public works, such as the Huron route, and then offering them agricultural land to settle. His plans largely came to nothing, and he became a timber merchant instead.
Shelfmark 9130241
Reference Sources Bookseller's notes.
Acquired on 16/06/17
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