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Directions for using Clark's pocket microscope.

Author John Clark
Title Directions for using Clark's pocket microscope.
Imprint [Edinburgh : s.n.]
Date of Publication [1773]
Language English
Notes Single sheet item giving directions for a portable microscope sold by John Clark of Edinburgh. Clark (c. 1725-c.1790) was an optical instrument maker, jeweller and goldsmith who was based in the city from 1749 until the 1790s in at least three different locations. He was the second earliest microscope maker in Scotland and became renowned for the high quality of his instruments, first offering silver ones in 1749, then a modified version in 1754 and then this brass instrument in 1773. Along with the "Directions" the Library also purchased "John Clark to the public" a single sheet advertisement item in which Clark announces that he has given up the jewellery business and will concentrate on optical instruments. Neither of these items is recorded in ESTC.
Shelfmark AP.3.217.09
Reference Sources Catalogue of the The Golub Collection, University of California, Berkeley.
Acquired on 14/07/17
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