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The golden bough

Author James Frazer
Title The golden bough
Imprint London: Macmillan
Date of Publication 1890
Language English
Notes The Scottish scholar Sir James Frazer's (1854-1941) seminal work on anthropology and comparative religion has never been out of print. This copy of the two-volume first edition belonged to another Scottish anthropologist, Major-General James Forlong, who through his study of local religions when serving in the Indian army developed his own radical theories on comparative religion. Forlong has annotated his copy with some pithy comments, but of particular interest is the very rare inserted 16-page leaflet, "Questions on the manners, customs, religion, superstitions, &c." Frazer had the leaflet printed a year or two before publication of his book and circulated it to fellow anthropologists, such as Forlong, in order to gather information from them.
Shelfmark RB.s.2939(2)-2940
Reference Sources Bookseller's notes
Acquired on 18/08/17
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