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The Sunyassee, an eastern tale; and other poems.

Author James Hutchinson
Title The Sunyassee, an eastern tale; and other poems.
Imprint Calcutta: Baptist Mission Press
Date of Publication 1838
Language English
Notes Author was Scottish-born James Hutchinson (1796-1870), Surgeon and Secretary to the Medical Board of the Bengal Establishment, private secretary to the President of the Council of India, who moved to the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa, where the preface was composed. The other works contained within, including a "Lament for Lord Byron" were, "principally written, at prior periods ... two or three of them have appeared, in the annuals, published in Calcutta." A second edition of the work appeared in Calcutta in 1840 and a third in Cape Town in 1864.
Shelfmark AB.2.217.39
Reference Sources Bookseller's notes.
Acquired on 18/08/17
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