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The journey of Thomas the Rhymer

Author Lemaire, Angela
Title The journey of Thomas the Rhymer
Imprint Llandogo, Monmothshire: Old Stile Press
Date of Publication 2000
Language English
Notes Number 5 of a limited edition of 220, signed by the author. Thomas the Rhymer, also known as Thomas of Erceldoune, was a real person who lived in the 13th century. While wandering alone in the forest lands of Melrose Abbey, Roxburghshire, Thomas saw a beautiful lady riding on a palfrey. He took her to be the Queen of Heaven. She denies it and tells him she is from 'another country'. She is, rather, the Queen of the Fairies. There follows an otherworld journey which he related in a visionary poem that has come down to us in various ballad forms and also in several romance-prophecies dating from the fifteenth century. Lemaire's nineteen wood engravings and the three linocut borders are printed from the original blocks. In addition to the second colour used for the linocuts, three different black inks were employed. Also includes a commentary on the text.
Shelfmark FB.s.762
Acquired on 02/04/01
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