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Account of the Russian discoveries between Asia and America

Author Coxe, William, 1747-1828
Title Account of the Russian discoveries between Asia and America
Imprint London : Cadell & Davies, 1804.
Date of Publication 1804
Language English
Notes This is the best version of the 4th edition as it is one of only 60 special copies printed on large paper in a royal quarto format. The standard version of the 4th edition was an octavo, with the title-page dated 1803. Earlier editions of this work appeared in 1780 and 1787. They commenced with the voyages made by merchants subsequent to Beering's expedition in 1740, and terminated with that of Krenitzin and Levashef in 1769. The 4th edition expands on these earlier accounts to present a complete series of voyages from 1711 to 1792, comprising all that is known on the subject. The text offers the first English language descriptions of Beering's fatal expedition from Kamtchatka to the coast of America; the account of Shelekof's voyage and settlement in Kadiak and an abstract of Tschitschagof's voyage towards the North Pole. The 4th edition includes an additional chart, showing the Russian and English discoveries in the North Pacific Ocean.
Shelfmark GB/B.1526
Reference Sources Lada-Mocarski p.117; Streeter 3501
Acquired on 07/04/03
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