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Proclamation ... March.24 ... 1602 [1603]

Author James VI & I
Title Proclamation ... March.24 ... 1602 [1603]
Imprint London: b. Robert Barker
Date of Publication 1602/3
Language English
Notes This is a fine uncut copy of the second edition of the proclamation in which the English privy council announced that James VI of Scotland succeeded Queen Elizabeth. James's hereditary right to the English throne is described and explained, and the text stresses that in addition to his legitimacy, James comes with 'all the rarest gifts of mind and bodie'. Details: STC 8298, black letter, 2 sheets, horizontal chain lines. Modern portfolio includes a misleading note identifying this work as STC 8297. Setting 2a, with first line of second sheet having reading 'Kingdomes, all'.
Shelfmark RB.el.5
Acquired on 04/10/00
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